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Invisalign® in Brewster, MA

While many consider an attractive smile to involve having straight teeth, people tend to be apprehensive about correcting misalignment. This is because traditional orthodontic systems use metal wires and brackets to shift teeth into improved positions, but our dentists have a solution to enhance the appeal of braces. Invisalign clear aligners are a discreet teeth straightening method available at our Brewster practice to resolve malocclusions. At Breakwater Dental, we offer the Invisalign option as it is a reliable and convenient way patients can achieve their ideal smile.

Practically Invisible

One of the most desirable attributes of the Invisalign orthodontic system is how the braces are barely noticeable by others and allow wearers to show off their teeth during treatment. This is due to the high-quality material that the aligners are made of; the clear trays are fabricated from translucent, medical-grade plastic, created to fit the unique contours of your teeth. This allows patients to attend social events with full confidence so that the gaze of others is not focused on their braces. The appliances provided by Breakwater Dental are also well-suited for patients experiencing relapse from their previous orthodontic treatment.


Invisalign clear aligners can be taken in an out as much as the patient wants, as long as they are worn for 22 hours a day. This gives patients the opportunity to continuously enjoy their favorite foods without having to worry about damaging their appliances.

When it comes to your daily oral hygiene, you can just remove your clear aligners and perform your normal brushing and flossing. Then when you are finished with your routine dental care, rinse the braces and place them back in. There is no need for additional steps or special instruments to ensure you are properly cleansing your smile.

Receiving Invisalign Clear Braces at Breakwater Dental

Before you are able to obtain your Invisalign clear aligners, you must first have your dental anatomy examined by one of our dentists. Our dentists want to make sure that the desired results are achievable with the Invisalign orthodontic system before continuing. Then impressions are taken of your smile and sent to the Invisalign lab for creation.

With Invisalign clear appliances, patients go through series of aligners, each step bringing them closer to straight teeth. Your first set of trays are sent to our Brewster practice once the Invisalign lab as finished crafting them, and our dentist goes over how the clear braces method is going to work. Along with the aligners are indicators of how your smile should look during certain periods of treatment. This helps patients keep on track, resolving misalignment at the optimal pace.

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For more information about the Invisalign orthodontic system, contact Breakwater Dental today. Our Brewster dentists enjoy helping patients achieve their ideal smile with aesthetically-minded treatments that allow them to remain confident until completion.